Authentic Essence Founder Giselle



In 2018, I began soap-making as a hobby when deciding to take an approach to a holistic lifestyle. In addition, I wanted to help my youngest daughter eliminate her asthma medications, which I managed to do. Ever since my family has experienced optimal health. 

my story. 

Authentic Essence was founded on February 2022 after the pandemic affected my career. I used my savings to turn my soap-making hobby into a business that is intended to assist families in minimizing the exposure of toxic chemicals that have been affecting our health for years. Today, I want to give back to women everywhere so that they too can enjoy optimal health by cutting down on chemical exposure.

my commitment to you.

Because so many women are exposed to toxic chemicals in personal care products, especially women of color, Authentic Essence is committed to making non-chemical all natural vegan care products available for women and their families. It is time to regain your health and experience all the wonderful benefits of achieving optimal health. I thank you for joining me on this journey.